Friends of Washoe County Library

Strengthening Libraries and the Community

The Friends depend on donations of gently used books, DVDs, CDs, and vinyl records to stock our book sales.  Please read the donation guidelines below.  The Friends expend substantial time and energy recycling damaged, outdated, and unsaleable material, so please donate accordingly.

What we ACCEPT:

  • Gently used hardback and paperback books, fiction and non-fiction, for children, young adults, and adults
  • Antique and collectible books
  • Commercially recorded CDs (music and audiobooks), DVDs, and vinyl records


  • Damaged books (broken spines, missing covers, stained, mildewed, underlined)
  • VHS tapes
  • Incomplete Encyclopedia Sets
  • Law Codes or Statutes
  • Surplus material from other institutions
  • National Geographic magazines older than two years

Where and When to Donate

Donations are accepted Tuesday – Saturday from 10-12.  Come to the back of the Reno Town Mall to the red doors and ring the doorbell.  Up to eight (8) paper grocery bags or boxes will be accepted without an appointment.  We cannot accept donations in large plastic bags, like lawn bags.  If you have more than that, please call the office at 775-324-5522 to schedule an appointment for drop-off.  Please be advised that we are no longer able to pick up donations.

Value of your Donation

Your donation is tax deductible. Although we are unable to assign a dollar value to your donation, we are happy to give you a receipt at the time of drop-off.

Questions? Call (775) 324-5522

More Ways to Help the Friends in Support of the Library

Membership and Donations

Your membership in the Friends of Washoe County Library helps fund programs, equipment, technology, and materials for the library.