Friends of Washoe County Library

Strengthening Libraries and the Community


Without volunteers, there would be no Friends of Washoe County Library. Through the sale of books and other media, Friends volunteers raise the money that funds library programs, staff development and much more. We are an all-volunteer organization. We do not have any paid employees.

Friends volunteers are a highly diverse bunch. In their work lives, they have been doctors, nurses, teachers, business people, engineers and ordinary citizens. What they all share is a love of books and an appreciation of public libraries.

Those who volunteer tend to stay for decades. Right now, many have been serving for more than  15 years—and a couple for over 20 years. They stay because they know that their work is important and because they enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow volunteers—and readers.

The What, When & Where of Volunteering

Volunteers sort, clean, price, and arrange books for the book sales or work at the book sales. The Friends’ coordinator trains new volunteers and helps them find the right niche (another reason volunteers tend to stay).

  • All Friends’ volunteering occurs at the Reno Town Mall (corner of S. Virginia and Peckham).
  • All volunteer hours are in the daytime. Most volunteers work one half-day or more a week. Volunteers who can work just one or two days a month are also needed.

To discuss volunteering, complete the online form or call (775) 324-5522. Because of possible conflict-of-interest, book dealers are not accepted as volunteers.

Volunteer Form